Hobby ideas for 2019

4 hobby ideas for you to try in 2019

A new hobby can be great for learning new skills, making friends and boosting confidence. It should also be an activity that promotes fun, and you should love every second of it. With so many clubs and sports teams to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which path to lead yourself down.

If you aren’t sure what hobby to take up, we have written down a few ideas. Let us know your thoughts.

Starting a collection

Collections are a great way of showcasing a passion. But they don’t have to be boring. Why not encourage yourself to collect comic books that you enjoy reading. Coins, rock and stamp collections are more traditional options but are still just as popular.

Creating a collection is a perfect hobby for somebody of any age, and can teach you the value of caring for your things. Collections can be worth a lot in the future. Click here.

Creating something

Encourage yourself and your family to build and create things. This could be anything from making fancy dress costumes to building aircraft models. There are plenty clubs and children friendly groups that cater too many age groups. Or you could start your new hobby at home by building bird feeders or a race track for cars.

These hobbies are great as they have a final outcome at the end and overtime you will get more confident with the new skills you’re acquiring. Choose a group for you to join that encourages fun and learning, such as a creative writing or painting models workshop.


Wrestling can sounds like anybody’s worst nightmare, but it is actually a controlled and highly respected sport. It may look dangerous and only for adults, but it is offered in high schools and middle schools up and down the country. No matter how old you are, there will be a class to cater to your age group. See local classes.

Why not go to a wrestling match or class to get some insight into what the sport entails. You can then decide if you would enjoy it or not. If you decide to go ahead, you will need to invest in some good quality wrestling sportswear and equipment. Check with the class to see if they offer equipment such as a digital scale for weighing wrestlers. This will stop you from spending money on equipment you don’t need as it is already provided.


Airsoft is great for everybody, no matter what age (over 13), gender or level of physical fitness, you are sure to have a good time. Airsoft is primarily a team sport where players have to work as a team to win against opponents. Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets at a slow speed to prevent injury.

There are many courses across the UK, allowing you to have an optimal experience with your family and friends. Staff will provide a full health and safety brief before you enter the course as this will prevent any damage or injury. There is a huge range of guns and accessories to choose from.