5 Holiday Essentials For All The Family



5 Holiday Essentials For Everyone In The Family

Holiday Essentials

Getting the entire family packed, ready and to the airport in time is stressful enough, but fear not! We’ve created a definitive list of the all things you need to pack with easy links so you can get everything you need to check-in in a couple of clicks.



1. Maxi Dress.  Hint: you will wear this A LOT. The ultimate beach-to-bar investment, just add accessories like a statement necklace to up the glam-factor on an evening.

2. A mix and match bikini. So many combinations! You can choose from either a tankini, bandeau top, boy-cut shorts or a skirtini in this fun floral print.

3. Sandals.  A flat gladiator style are a smart choice for long days on your feet, whilst the jewelled embellishment means you can double up on an evening leaving more room in your case for bringing back souvenirs.

4. A multi-purpose cover-up.  A stylish sheer beach cover-up can just as easily be worn as a tunic over linen trousers and a plain cami on your way through departures – that’s more room in your suitcase!

5. Beach Bag. Let’s face it, you’ll be carrying everyone’s suncream, beach toys, hats, the works. At £9.50 this is a total bargain and big enough to keep everything in one place.


For Dad:

1. It’s time to get out the Hawaiian shirt and embarrass the kids. Technically, while you’re away is probably the only time the weather is actually tropical enough to justify wearing it.

2. The bucket hat: believe it or not this ‘90s stalwart is actually back in fashion. Score some cool points from the kids and relive your Stone Roses days whilst avoiding sunstroke.

3. At £2.50 these slick black wayfarer sunglasses are an absolute steal. Do you really need another reason to buy them?

4. Where’s the best place to wear nautical stripes? By the sea on holiday, of course. Good job you packed this brightly striped polo shirt then.

5. Swimshorts. For obvious reasons, these need packing.

For the kids


1. Make multipacks your secret to saving big on the kids’ holiday gear. These cute girlie vests start at just £5.60. That’s just £2.80 a top! (And more money for ice-creams while you’re away.)

2. It can be tricky persuading your tweens to stay safe in the sun. This varsity-inspired cap is cool enough that they might actually wear it in the midday sun, fingers crossed!

3. Wayfarers are still enjoying a moment in the fashion spotlight. At £1.80 these are so cheap that it doesn’t matter if they lose them or they get scratched in the sand.

4. Fans of Thomas & Friends will love these sandals. Perfect for holidays , these are waterproof and have durable grip on the soles making them less slippy around the pool.

5. These stripy shorts will get just as much wear at home as away – bonus! We love the summery colours.

Bon Voyage!

Let us know where you’ll be going on holiday this year and what holiday essentials you’ll be packing in the comments below.