8 Curious items for every home


Curious and curiouser! Butterflies and birds on the table and upside down wine glasses on the ceiling… but don’t worry, you haven’t fallen down a rabbit hole, you’ve just happened upon our new home trend.

It’s about discovering items to intrigue and delight, statement pieces that really liven up a room, and because by  nature ‘Curiosity’ is an eclectic look, it’s super easy to incorporate into your current decor.

Simply choose a piece you love and let it be the centre of attention in your home, from salvage style dark woods to bright coloured throws, contrast and detail are the things to look for.

Other Curious details include:
Vintage bell jar shapes

Butterflies and birds
Patchwork fabrics
Smoked glass
Delicate iron workClick the slider to the left to see our 8 top curious picks for your home (we like number 8 the best) or click here to shop the collection.

Let us know the statement home items in your home in the comments below or join the conversation on facebook and twitter.

Now, you”ll have to excuse us, we’re late for a very important date!

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