All in the detail: New twists on classic coats


All in the detail: New twists on classic coats

 In the winter, the first thing people will see of your outfit is your coat– you might be wearing a stunning ensemble underneath, but if its hidden underneath an unflattering coat it might not get noticed, and we all know how much first impressions count!

As a self confessed coat-addict, I find choosing between so many options more than a little daunting, which trend to buy into? Go classic or really stand out? Buy 1 expensive coat or several cheaper ones?

To combat this anxiety, I usually find a classic shape like a trench or biker jacket, then look for elements that give the coat a bit more individuality or flair. You might feel like you spend nearly all of your time in just one or two coats, so to make winter a little less bland, all you need to do is pay attention to some little details.

Multitasking components like detachable hoods, fur collars or belts offer you the chance to tweak your winter look. Read on to find our list of details to look for or click through the slide show to see our pick of classic coats with a twist.

Print: Whether its patches of Aztec print on a gilet or an all over leopard print, choose a classic shape and give it a twist with an unexpected print.

Faux-Fur: Trims around the collar can add a touch of vintage elegance while faux fur on the hood of a gilet or parka will give you a more urban edge.

Buttons: Wooden duffles or shiny domed military buttons create a real style focal point

Colour: Your coat is opportunity to choose a colour you might not otherwise wear, like a fire-engine red or winter white.

Belts:  An easy way to feel that little bit smarter in a chunky winter coat is to pull it in with a big buckled belt.

Zips: Making a feature of zips, like oversized or bright gold and silver can liven up a basic black coat.

Texture:  Tweed, faux leather and different fabric patches all make a classic style feel modern and individual.

Which style of coat will you be investing in this year? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.

Argus BTN team