Help! What to wear to a summer wedding?!



Help! What to wear to a summer wedding?!

So the invite has landed, you’ve checked out the gift list, and you’ve made your menu choices, but now you’ve got to find that perfect outfit! Well no worries, because we’re here to help. Just click any pictures you like to take a further look.

The traditional wedding

The bride is in white, it’s likely to be in a church, and there will be a legion of bridesmaids. This wedding requires guests to be more formal. For this we recommend a tailored dress. You’ll want the dress to fall just below or on the knee, and not be too low cut or figure-hugging. Another alternative would be a pretty ’50s style dress – perfect with peep toe heels. For headwear keep it chic with a fascinator in a complementing shade.

The relaxed wedding

The bride may be in a floaty or shorter style, it’s more likely to be in a hotel or registry office. You can forsake tailored structure for more flowing silhouettes. Bright colours, are also more than acceptable in a more relaxed setting. Our pick would be a printed maxi dress teamed with a pair of metallic sandals.

The hipster wedding

The bride is in a bright colour, you’re in a field and the food is miniature pot pies. For this type of wedding you’ve got to find your inner ‘fashionista’. Think printed trousers, digital print dresses, and statement shirts. Avoid fussy headwear and opt for statement jewellery and shoes instead.