Men: Ways to Wear Coloured Shorts



Men: Ways to Wear Coloured Shorts

We all have our favourite, reliable summer short colours, they might be stone, khaki or navy and thrown on without a second thought.

But this season, shorts come in a whole spectrum of colours ranging from pale pastels to strong brights, to put those more muted hues in the shade.  And, just because these shorts are a bit brighter than you might be used to, it doesn’t mean they’re difficult to wear or that they won’t work with the clothes you already own.

We asked our shorts buyer, Tom Regan, how he likes to wear his coloured shorts: ”I usually go for dark red shorts, a smart polo shirt and canvas casual shoes – it’s a great outfit for wearing to BBQs or for an afternoon in the pub”   So, you can follow Tom’s lead or take a look at our dos and don’ts for more tips for summer shorts success.


  • Choose complementing but contrasting colours- combinations that work well are yellow and navy and bright blue and coral
  • Wear a white t-shirt under a denim shirt for a versatile outfit
  • Add a suit jacket and boat shoes for a smart yet relaxed look.


  • Try to match the colour of the shorts with the colour of your t-shirt or shirt
  • Wear a busy patterned top, stick to plain or simple stripe designs
  • Worry about what your mates might say, if they’re good enough for celebrities and footballers, they’re good enough for you!

The only question now is…which colour to go for?