Office Cleaning Checklist


Office Cleaning Checklist

People with strong habits for household chores and cleaning maintenance should not have any problems or difficulties in keeping the office clean, too. However, sometimes, we don’t accept the working environment as our personal environment, so we forget to put efforts in tidying it. The lack of ownership may be the reason for that or sometimes the office duties are too many.

In any case, we forget to sweep up, to wash the dishes and even to remove the dust from the old papers and forgotten folders. It could be a good idea, if everybody tries to keep the office hygienic and cozy. An office cleaning checklist can really help. Got any more cleaning tips? Let us know!

Here is a simple office cleaning checklist:

  • Empty the recycle bin and fill in some new linen. Don’t leave the wastes and refuses to stay the night in the office – diseases and microbes are spreading in this way! Bad odor is also another reason you should get rid of the garbage in the office daily.

  • Clean the bookshelves and remove the dust. Make sure you have a good folder and organization of your documents. Stick to it, so you cannot mix something in your daily office cleaning.

  • Do the dishes and wipe the windows – these are only 10 minutes!

  • Clean, sanitize and disinfect the office equipment, including the electronic gadgets such as the telephone and the computer, with alcohol or some special cleaning detergent.

  • Vacuum and brush the soft furniture. Get a wet cloth and wipe the office desk, too.

  • For a professional finish hire regular office cleaning services from a Brighton-based company.
  • Finally, air the premise and use some aromatic sprays for excellent clean and fresh effect! Add in some personal items for a nice finishing touch or order some flowers.

Repeat the actions from the office cleaning checklist daily and you will definitely see the difference soon!