Rainy Day Activities for the Kids


Rainy Day Activities for the Kids

We are all painfully aware of how bad the weather has been over the last few weeks and how it can become rather mundane being stuck in at home all day, especially for children. So we’ve been discussing rainy day activities for the kids and thought we’d share them with you.

We’ve come up with an arsenal of ideas to keep little tots entertained.

There are plenty of things you can do outside (go with us here), even when it is raining, that will keep the kids entertained. Here’s a couple of our favourite ideas:

Making Rain Catchers
Making rain catchers can be fun for all the family and can range from simple designs to more elaborate contraptions.
For the little ones, a simple soda bottle with the top cut off can suffice, or even an ice cream tub – have them paint the catcher however they want and then mark off the measurements on one side.
For the older children, try challenging them to make a more sophisticated styles, maybe even with connecting tubes (use straws).

Rain paintings
Have the kids blot paint onto bits of paper and place then in the rain; watch as the rain splashes on the page creating unique, colourful pictures. Each time will be different! Try hanging them up on the washing line too for a different finish.

If braving the outside isn’t for you, then there’s plenty you can do inside the warm and comfort of your own home too.

The ultimate activity for little ones, baking can offer endless opportunities. From cakes to cookies, pies to pastries, there are plenty of different things you and the kids can whip up.

Find some fun recipes to whip up at

Homemade cards
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not have the kids make cards for loved ones? Let them have fun with their creativity, we just suggest putting lots of paper down to avoid any accidents with the glue!

Pretend spa day – one for the mum
This one is a present for them for you, also a great idea for those with girls – why not set up a ‘family spa’. Paint nails, make healthy smoothies, do each other hair, wear face masks and have a good old gossip!

What do you get up to on rainy days with the children? Let us know in the comments below.