Smart ideas for after school activities



Smart ideas for after school activities

 As the new term looms and the kids go back to school fresh challenges and old arguments rear their ugly heads- from what to put in the packed lunch to how to get them to do their homework, make sure they get enough exercise and don’t spend too much time in front of a screen..There’s so much pressure on kids and parents today to be doing everything, that it can sometimes feel a little difficult to manage.

So, we asked a collection of parents, people who work with kids and people who have been kids to share their ideas, tips and experiences when it comes to after school routines, activities and, most of all fun. If you work it can often be hard to keep them entertained and well looked after until 5.30…and if you’re at home it can be hard to keep them engaged and provide variation.

Click the arrows no the images for at home ideas and tips or see below for a list of after school activities- it’s best to do a mix of these every week, it adds variety and gets kids into a good routine.

Homework club Many schools run supervised homework clubs, they’re great for getting all the homework out the way before they get home. Try not to make them go every day and always ask them to show you what they’ve done so you stay up to date with what they’re doing. If the school doesn’t run a club, perhaps you could get together with a few other parents and start your own homework with a supervision rota?

Sports There’s a wealth of different sports kids can do, from football to hockey to netball, if there’s not one at school, local leisure centres run sporty after-school clubs and classes as well as independent teams and clubs in your local area. If team sport’s not for them there’s always dance or martial arts classes- try a few and see which one sticks!

Arts and Crafts Encourage their creative side with an art or drawing class, this gives them a chance to learn a new skill and express themselves in ways they may not get to in the classroom.

Music Learning a musical instrument can be a source of lifelong pleasure (even if it makes your life a misery hearing them practice) again, there are both school programs and independent teachers you can try.

Friends and Relatives Teach them they joy of helping others by sending them round to help an elderly relative or spend time helping with younger children, it will give them a sense of pride and responsibility.

After school job From paper rounds to babysitting, afterschool jobs are a great way for older kids to earn some extra money and learn how to manage it.

We hope you find the above list helpful!

What did you used to enjoy doing after school/ enjoy doing with your kids? Is there anything you think we’ve missed?

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