The Men’s Partywear Guide


The Men’s Partywear Guide

The Men’s Partywear Guide – It’s party season again; from work Christmas dos to family events as well as friend’s annual Christmas parties and maybe, if you’re lucky, even a more formal black tie event. Christmas can be a great time fashion wise; it’s the chance to dress to the nines, pull out your finery and show the world they picked the wrong man to play Bond. It can also be quite daunting, you want to look your best, but you don’t want to wearing the same thing or the struggle of deciding how formal is formal – is this a causal event, a smart one or a smart-casual one?

To help you prep for the party season I have pulled together some easy-to-wear looks that cover the spectrum of party attire to help inspire you fashion choices.

Casual – The casual, smart casual.
Be in no doubt. If you are invited to a party or gathering where there is either A. no dress code, or B. a casual dress code – this means smart casual. No baggy and loose-fitting clothing allowed.

Fit and function
For smart-casual looks, fit and function are key, you want wearable fabrics that are comfortable but also look good and are clean cut. Jeans are a great choice, darker style will always be easier to get away with but lighter colours work to, just make sure everything else is neat to balance the look. With the shoes you have a lot of flexibility – a good boot will work wonders, but a casual tan brogue will nail the balance you’re after.

Up top you want to keep it simple, go for a classic white or grey t-shirt and then layer with a knitted cardigan or jumper to finish.

So you have been invited to a dinner, or maybe it’s the work Xmas do, this calls for something a little more thought out. A full suit can be a little over kill, but at the same time that trusty knit from last weeks gathering isn’t going to cut it.

You have two options here:

The laid back suit – This can be your work suit if you don’t have a second, but a more modern, closer-fit suit is great hear. Leave the tie at home and wear a casual shirt, unbuttoned at the top. Simple, effective, easy.

The jeans and blazer combo – this is a fail safe look and one of my personal favourites. It is a look that can work just about anywhere for just about anything and is easy to master and change up at a moments notice. Look at it as a more formal version of your knitwear look from earlier. In the same vein, it’s best to stay with darker jeans here, pair with slick leather boots or shoes and then add a t-shirt or knit, then finish with a well-cut blazer – colour is your choice – I have a penchant for navy colourways due to their versatility. What I love about this look is how it can change up in an instant – you can swap the jumper/t-shirt colours per event, swap shoes for boots, formal for casual, even, if you want to be truly on trend, you can work the look with trainers – please note I mean fashion trainers, not your running shoes. A turtle, or polo neck also works well here.

For those more formal black tie events there is really only one option, a tuxedo. It’s best to stick with classic styling – bowtie, cufflinks, smart black dress shoes with cummerbund or waistcoat additional options.

So hopefully you’re now armed with some easy ideas to help you master partywear this season. head over to and start searchign for your new look.