The #RoyalBaby Edit: Buying for Newborns


With little North West now here, and a little Royal bundle of joy on the way, we’ve found ourselves feeling especially broody. If you’re expecting your own or you know an expecting parent, then you’re probably experiencing that ‘Oh, what do I buy’ anxiety. Well here’s our guide to buying for newborns.

Things to consider

Keep it neutral: If you don’t know the sex then soft greys, cream and androgynous prints (e.g. animals rather than fairies) are perfect.

Buy older: Yes we all love those teeny tiny clothes, but more often than not new mums find themselves with a whole pile of 0-3 months and then nothing for when baby gets a bit bigger. Think clever and buy a slightly older outfit.

Opt for accessories: Newborn-friendly toys, blankets and bibs make great gifts for little ones and also takes out the stress of worrying if they will fit!

Something a little different: It’s safe to say new Mums go through a tough time during labour. So why not buy a gift for the new mum instead?

Top clothing choices

Simple smalls: Socks and hats are an easy choice, from plain colours to patterns. Make sure you choose a pure cotton pair of socks for maximum warmth and breathability. Ensure any hat is machine washable and has a wide enough brim to protect baby’s face from the sun. Our top tip: If you buy socks, buy them all in one colour – then if one ever gets lost it can easily be paired with another one.

Singlet tops: A staple for any baby, boy or girl, a classic singlet top will be a much-welcomed gift and a failsafe option. Multi-packs are a great way to ensure Mum has spares at a moments notice.

Baby-grows: A much-adored style by any parent, baby-grows are a newborn essential – designed to give baby warmth in winter months. Make sure you find a style that fastens at the legs with poppers for easy on and off, and nappy changes.

Sleepsuits: Designed in footed, legless and sleeveless styles, sleepsuits are hardworking addition to baby’s wardrobe, perfect for day or night for your growing little one, providing warmth and freedom of movement.

Staple separates: Jackets, jumpers, cardigans and bottoms make great gifts for baby and the more the merrier for when baby makes a mess. Our top tip: We recommend looking for mini-me styles, inspired by baby’s Mum or Dad’s style for the perfect too-cute-to-be-true gift. Try to avoid any styles with cord ties and loose parts.

Top Toys and Accessories

Comforters: Comforters make adorable gifts and come in a wide variation of colours and styles. Made from plush cottons, babies will love how they feel against their skin.

Rattles: Rattle and textured toys are perfect for newborns, to get their senses working and encourage them to explore. Textured teething rings, crinkly fabrics and mirrors lend a tactile nature to cute and friendly creatures that will keep baby entertained.

Bibs: Bibs are an easy choice for a baby gift. Practical and available in an array of cute and fuzzy styles. Our top tip: We suggest finding amusing text prints or patterns that will set your gift apart.