Time for Tea? How to organise an afternoon tea party for charity



Time for Tea? How to organise an afternoon tea party.

People have been holding afternoon tea parties all over the world for the last 3,000 years, they’re a brilliant chance to take time out of your day (often at around 3 o’clock) to relax, have a sweet treat and catch up with friends and colleagues.

This summer, together with Breast Cancer Care, we’re encouraging you to hold a ‘Strawberry Tea’ with your friends, family or colleagues to raise much needed funds for people affected by breast cancer.

Tea parties are easy to organise and can be great fun if you follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Decide on a theme: If you have a theme it narrows down your options to make decisions that much easier. For example, if you held a ‘Strawberry Tea’ you could serve scones with strawberry jam, Victoria sponge cake and even some strawberry fruit tea…along with the regular tea of course! You could also request that everyone wears red or pink or face a fine to raise a little extra cash and have some fun.

Step 2: Set a date, time and venue: Even though tea breaks are traditionally in the afternoon, there’s nothing to stop you holding one in the morning or even in the evening with a few cocktails as well. Send an email or invitations out at least a week in advance so you can get a good idea of numbers.

Step 3: Don’t go it alone. Not much of a baker but make a mean cup of tea? Get as many people as you need to help out and allocate tasks- one person can bake, another could make sandwiches and someone else could do the serving, that way everyone gets to take some time out.

Step 4: Decide on how you’ll raise the money- You could either charge people a set amount for a ticket or people could pay for what they have.

Step 5: Sit down, relax, catch up with friends and enjoy your break!

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