What do event planners actually do?


Are event planners necessary?

Read below the services that event planners provide and how they can help your business. 

Today, events companies provide a full-service of destination, management and company offering a number of services from Sportsquest and Business Bespoke Events.

Some even have a comprehensive network of partners strategically located around the world.

Event planners rely on their strong relationships with their trade partners over the years; this has makes it possible for them to extend very competitive rates to you, their valued customers without sacrificing comfort, convenience and service quality.

From Conception to Completion, you need to have confidence in your support team.

Whatever the event, event planners know it is extremely important to you. Your success is their business………

How to Find and Hire the Best Event Planner

Your event can be held anywhere in the world and be assured of the same level of service:

  • Incentive Programmes – arrange an unforgettable programme for your key staff
  • Conference or Meeting Management – choose the appropriate venue from a selection provided by us, including unique venues. On-site event management.
  • Spouse Programmes – entertainment for accompanying partners at your Conference
  • Fun Days and Christmas Parties – ensure an event to remember
  • Golf Days – select a golf course and package to suit your players
  • Airline Travel – competitive rates for group bookings and business travel
  • Air Charter – providing low-cost aircraft charter solutions to all areas of industry
  • Corporate Hospitality – receive Innovative Ideas for entertaining your key clients
  • Hospitality Tickets (or tickets only) – for all major international sporting and cultural events.
  • Heritage Aircraft (6 seaters) – for business travel, golfing trips or special occasions.
  • Production Set up – staging and lighting for product launches and presentations
  • Guest Speakers – for entertainment or business

A good event planner will create your own, bespoke event for you, so you can relax and leave the organisation to them.

One of the key factors of event planning is catering. This is the part that can make or break an event.

Catering can be hard to organise as it is hard to determine what level of service you will need.

Event planners will research corporate caterers services based on requirements you have explained to them and like any other service they provide for you, they will show you your options and help you to come to a decision.

what event planners actually do

Hire a freelancer for event planner

Some of their outbound services may include:

  • Worldwide Hotel Reservations
  • Special Packages
  • Meetings & Incentives
  • Car Rental
  • Cruises
  • Rail Ticketing
  • Travel Documentation

Outbound services usually go above and beyond the service of an average event planner.

A popular new service that event planners now provide is business videos. Filming your event is a key way to market your company and help promote future events and conferences.

Event planners will help you find a production company that offer a range of video styles, in order to help you promote your event or even promote future events.

Some of their inbound services may include:

  • Transfers & Transportation
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Special Interest Programmes
  • Meeting Management/Conference Services
  • Special Entertainment & Themed Events
  • Extension tours to the region
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