Your Mid Year Resolution: New Style, New You.


We all love a good New Year’s resolution – whether it’s to shed a few pounds, take up a hobby or simply spend more time with family. We all enter the New Year with a rejuvenated hope that our determination and willpower has been renewed and restored to its fullest. Well, what about a mid-year resolution?

More often than not we tend to choose resolutions that are super hard for us to commit too, or we take on too many rather than stagger them to help with our success. Well I wanted to give you a Mid-Year resolution that is easy to keep and won’t take up too much time but could give you endless benefits including a renewed confidence, an extra head turn here and there, maybe even the odd compliment and with the launch of our New Season Value range, it won’t cost the earth either.

That resolution is to refresh and update your style.

It can sound daunting and a little scary, but we aren’t talking total wardrobe makeovers – I just want you to start thinking about clothes in a slightly different manner than just simply ‘I’m not allowed to walk out the house naked, so I’ll just wear that’. What follows are some simple tips to start you off that will help change your style for the better.

Think Fit

If you’re also planning to loose a few over the coming months, or even if you’re not, it’s time to start thinking fit, and paying attention to your shape and the shape of clothes you by. Big or small, short or tall, paying attention to the fit of your clothes can make a world of difference to your look and how you hold yourself. Find out how to stay motivated.

Starting trying on some more contemporary cuts such as slim-fitting jeans. These jeans sit closer on the thigh and have a clean, tailored look, meaning you can also get away with wearing them on more formal occasions (dark colours only thought, I might add!). If, like me, you’re a bulky, rugby body type, then look for tapered styles, these leave more room in the seat (bum) and thigh but go in from the knee to the ankle for a slimmer look.

Think Shape

It’s amazing how subtle difference can change how you look. For instance, when looking to buy a new jumper, opt for a v-neck over a crew (round) neck. V-neck jumpers are a lot smarter and offer greater flexibility. Pair with your everyday jacket and blue jeans for a pulled together look by day, or swap the jacket for a blazer for a nice evening out. Search Debenhams for crew neck jumpers.

With coats and blazers, think buttons, think lapels, avoid double-breasted if you’re larger as the extra material will only add bulk to your frame, and opt for sleek, modern slim lapels.

Think Finish

OK, so ‘Think Finish’ isn’t the most obvious title but go with me here. By finish, I mean colours, patterns, textures and style. If you want to clean up your look, and be stylish no matter what you are doing then you need to start thinking about details.

Need a new pair of everyday shoes? Go for a nice, comfortable pair of plain leather or suede boots over a pair of branded trainers. Buying a new coat? Go for clean lines, and minimal detailing for a versatile look that will pull together any outfit. Want to feel confident when you smile? Cosmetic dentistry is the best solution. However, you should still attend regular check-ups to ensure no dental work needs to be done beforehand; this includes gingivitis treatment, receding gums and bone deterioration – all of which can be caused by periodontal disease.

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