Divine Chocolate to Cherish


Divine Chocolate to Cherish

 There’s a small chocolate company that’s making a big splash – and the ripples are spreading around the world. It’s called Divine, and we’re delighted to announce you can now discover their chocolate in Argus BTN cafes, the perfect treat with your relaxing cup of tea or coffee.

We had a chat with Divine to find out more about what they do, why they do it and of course their delicious chocolate! Flip through the slider on the left to see their team in action or read on to see what makes Divine chocolate to cherish.

“Here at Divine we’re on a mission… to create a sublime experience for chocolate lovers everywhere, while trading fairly with cocoa farmers, and doing business in a better way.  It’s the amazing story behind Divine that is changing how people think about chocolate for ever.

Back in 1997 a cocoa farmers’ co-operative in Ghana called Kuapa Kokoo (which means ‘Good cocoa farmers’ in Twi) voted to set up a chocolate company so they could have their own share of this valuable chocolate market. A year later the first Divine bar was launched in the UK – 33% owned by the farmers themselves. Today that co-operative has grown to 80,000 members and now owns 45% of Divine. It’s a unique and very special kind of business.

So here in the UK we’ve been making sure we’re creating fabulous flavours and treats for everyone who loves chocolate, and as more and more people discover something delicious and Divine, the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo have been able invest more money in their families, their farms and their communities.  They have two representatives on our Board so they regularly check up on what we’re doing, and farmers come over every year to discover our love affair with chocolate, and to tell their own stories.

So give yourself some time to relax, kick back in a Argus BTN cafe, and try our seriously smooth milk chocolate, our creamy white, or our intensely dark 70% chocolate – all natural, and made with the “best of the best” cocoa grown with pride by the Kuapa farmers.  (Oh and don’t miss our amazing new milk chocolate caramel bar – it’s sure to hit your 3o’clock soft spot!)

And while you’re indulging in some great chocolate, it’s good to know farmers are improving their lives and sharing the profits. Now that’s something to cherish!”

For more about Divine, with news, competitions, and recipes visit www.divinechocolate.com

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